Client Name: ChurnZero.
Launch Date: December 2023.
My Role: Interactive Learning Experience Design and Launch.

Project Objectives
1. Collaborate with ReachSuite, a software designed for creating simulated learning experience and master the use of their technology.
2. Design an interactive experience where ChurnZero can explore features without going into their ChurnZero tenant.
3. Launch the new experience in ChurnZero's LMS.
1. Interactive experience design
Design an interactive demo of ChurnZero's Account and Contact profiles, introducing how to navigate them and what action could be taken from those profiles. In this experience, learners are guided through a series of steps and then are free to explore on their own in a simulated environment without logging into their own ChurnZero tenant. 
This is extremely helpful for: 
(1) Users who are not comfortable with exploring their own tenant.
(2) Users who do not yet have access to their own tenant.
(3) Users with tenants that are not fully configured and don't yet have enough data in them in order to explore the use of features.
2. Finalize and package the new interactive experience.
Design a lesson that will introduce users to the way this new interactive experience works and what they can expect from it. 
3. Launch the new experience.
Test the experience of accessing and operating the interactive experience and launch it in ChurnZero's LMS, sharing this with team members and encouraging them to advertise it to users.

Lesson: Interaction Instructions

Lesson: link to interaction + Knowledge Check

This project includes mastering a new tool - ReachSuite- and understanding how it fits with our larger customer education goals.  
ReachSuite has been a wonderful partner and intuitive tool to learn, but nonetheless, the process required coordinating and quick learning skills to ensure everything happens according to plan.

Please Note: More information about my work with ChurnZero is available upon request. Due to competition, I cannot share too much on my portfolio.

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