Client Name: Second Floor Strategies
Launch Date: October 2021
My Role: Brand Style Guide and Website Design

Project Objectives
1. Design a brand for a newly opened consulting agency - Second Floor Strategies.
2. Design a simple and user-friendly website that introduces the brand and serves as the first point of contact between the consulting firm and clients. 

To view the final product, please visit

Home Page

1. Select a color palette, fonts, images, and icons that will reflect the brand's style.
The color palette, fonts, and minimalist design were chosen to create a sense of professionalism and reflect the style of consulting firms' websites. Focusing on blue colors was to create a sense of expertise and knowledge.
2. Design a logo.
The logo was designed to reflect the founder's idea of creating an illustration showing that the light on the second floor is always on, representing the work that is being done.
3. Draft the site structure and individual pages to reflect the brand's identity and types of services offered. 
The site map was designed to be simple and clear and make sure that potential clients understand the agency's mission and the services offered and can easily reach out to the firm to continue the conversation. It was also important to include an about page that will demonstrate the founder's expertise in the field. 
4. Design the website and finalize the content. 
After finalizing the main design elements, I added additional details and information that would make the site informative and concise, working with the founder on the desired language and details. 


Firm Highlights on the Home Page

The main challenge was to get a clear understanding of the specific services and products the consulting agency specializes in and translate that into digestible and clear descriptions. However, working with the founder of the firm was a great experience as they had a clear idea of what they wanted their brand to look like and articulated the vision clearly.  

About Us Page 

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