Client Name: Capgemini
Launch Date: July 2023
My Role: Instructional Designer

Project Objectives
1. Design an engaging experience for Capgemini employees interested in exploring the architect path.
2. Work with SMEs to define the role and skills required of an architect to do their job well.
3. Design the curriculum and work with Capgemini's learning lab to finalize the design for the course modules.
1. Curriculum Design
Brainstorm with the SMEs to identify the key objectives and gain a deep understanding of the skills required from architects to do their job well.
2. Content Creation
Design the curriculum for four engaging and interactive modules, collecting key concepts and examples from SMEs:
(1) Brainstorming Solutions 
(2) Visualization and Analysis of a Project 
(3) Meeting with a Client 
(4) Participating in the Architect Community
3. User Experience Review of the Learning Lab's Design
Review and test the UI/UX of the four modules in collaboration with the SMEs, update content and design based on feedback, and finalize the modules.

Brainstorming Module opening.

Brainstorming module interactive activity

Context and Challenges
The target audience for this certificate is Capgemini employees who are interested in exploring the architect role, which means that our course needed to be:
(1) Introductory enough to be understood by individuals who are not yet familiar with the architect role.
(2) Engaging and exciting to entice learners to seek the architect certification and continue in the architect path. 
(3) Informative so the learner can get a glimpse of the role of an architect and decide whether the architect path is suitable for them. 

It was quite complicated to collaborate with an extremely busy (but dedicated) team of architects to ensure that all those goals were achieved within this new and innovative course that had never been offered before.

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