Client Name: Jiaru Lin, Senior Product Designer at TOM FORD Beauty
Launch Date: August 2022. 
My Role: Ideate new and exciting gifting strategies and design the wireframes for the concepts. 

Project Objectives
1. Propose innovative gifting strategies to attract new audiences and create diverse gifting experiences. 
2. Ideate on new ideas for introducing the brand to individuals who are less familiar with it through a unique and exciting gifting experience.
Ideation Process
1. Understand the TOM FORD brand and products
Identify the audience and the unique population they are serving when using the ASAM CONTINUUM assessment. This also includes collecting information about the audience's comfort level with technology and preferred learning format.
2. Create multiple proposals for gifting strategies
This includes creating materials for both faculty and learners/software users like course definition document, slides, faculty guide, learner handouts.
3. Draft wireframes that will outline the gifting process
Check back with the client regarding the unique client cases selected for the training to make sure that the cases will be relevant and helpful for the learners.
4. Present ideas
Review, approve and finalize the final plan and all the accompanying materials and onboard faculty, completing a review of the materials and a dry run.

Customer Journey (mobile) for customizing limited edition packaging

Understanding the spirit of the brand in order to ensure that the proposed strategy is on brand was at times a complicated task. To do that I had to speak with multiple people in the company to get a better understanding of the customer base, the trends of which products sell out and why, etc. 

Proposed Gifting Strategy
I came up with four gifting strategies that were presented to the TOM FORD Beaty Team:
1. Special Packaging Selection - customers will be able to choose between limited edition packaging and regular packaging around holidays, to allow a bigger variety in holiday themed gifts that go beyond the pre-packaged sets.
2. Gift Wrap Customization - customers will be able to customize parts of the gift wrap and add initials/short message to the ribbon wrapping the gift and the card added to the gift.
3. Discovery Set - customers will purchase a discovery set that will include 3 samples and a certificate for one full size perfume of their choice after they have tried the 3 scents in the set and selected their favorite.
4. Lipstick Personalization - a sustainable lipstick packaging will be launched with the option to engrave initials on it to get customers more excited about the sustainable options and give them the opportunity to personalize their gift. 

All gift ideas were presented along with wireframes and a customer journey that illustrates the process a customer would go through when they are purchasing each of the products. 

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