Client Name: Sophie Rodionov, Watercolor Artist.
Completion Date: August 2021

My Role: Fully redesign Sophie's Website. 
Scope of Redesign: 
1. Review of and update of content and redesign of the site map.
2. Design of individual pages.

Sophie's main goals:
1. Transform her website into a user-friendly website, where individuals interested in her work can get to know her better, browse her collection, and purchase her art.
2. Update the content on each page and create a narrative that tells her story as an artist. 
3. Make the shopping experience simple in order to increase sales and her visibility as an artist. 

To visit the final product, please go to

Sophie's Home Page introduces Sophie as an artist and gives the visitor a glimpse of her art and style

The About Me page introduces Sophie to the visitors and welcomes them to learn more about her as a person and as an artist

1. Understand Sophie's goals
I discussed with Sophie the following details: who audience this website is geared towards, what is the desired look and feel, and what are the main actions Sophie would like site visitors to take when they land on her website. 
2. Design a site map 
When designing the site map, it was important to highlight Sophie's work, but also her artist persona.  I wanted to make sure that the structure does not lead the visitor directly to purchasing art, but also introduces Sophie as an artist to the visitor. 
3. Draft all individual pages and submit them for Sophie's review
Draft the content and the transition between the information on all pages and test the flow of the website before submitting for Sophie's final review. 
5. Publish the final product
Publish the newly redesigned website and make final edits.
6. Analyze the final result 
After the site was published, I analyzed visited pages, sales, submitted forms, and made any necessary adjustments to the site structure or the page contents. ​​​​​​​

The Newsletter page gives an option to stay in touch with Sophie and learn more about her new collections, events, exhibitions, and more.

The Previous Collections page showcases Sophie's Past Collections that are not available for sale anymore. This gives the visitor a better idea about Sophie's style, inspiration, and creativity.

1. By the time I joined this project, Sophie has already had a negative experience working with a designer and lost a substantial amount of time due to professional disagreements with them. I had to work quickly to make up for the lost time in order to get her website up and running and ready for visitors. 
2. The website redesign also included a review and editing of all the content, so it slightly extended the timeline beyond the expected launch date. 

Sophie's About Me page introduces Sophie not only as a professional artist but also as a whimsical and positive individual and sparks interest in her work. 

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