Client Name: American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)
Launch Date: March 2020. 
My Role: project management and development of all educational materials. 

Project Objectives
1. Create a comprehensive learning experience for new ASAM CONTINUUM users, that walks the users through the software's interface, navigation, and appropriate use guidance. 
2. Develop a hands-on practice component that helps prospective uses to become comfortable with the use of the software quickly and efficiently. 

ASAM CONTINUUM Faculty Member Facilitating the Live Training Portion of a Blended ASAM CONTINUUM Course

Course Development Process
1. Understand who are the learners
Identify the audience and the unique population they are serving when using the ASAM CONTINUUM assessment. This also includes collecting information about the audience's comfort level with technology and preferred learning format.
2. Develop learning materials 
This includes creating materials for both faculty and learners/software users like course definition document, slides, faculty guide, learner handouts.
3. Confirm plan with the client
Check back with the client regarding the unique client cases selected for the training to make sure that the cases will be relevant and helpful for the learners.
4. Finalize course materials 
Review, approve and finalize the final plan and all the accompanying materials and onboard faculty, completing a review of the materials and a dry run.
5. Review learner evaluations 
Analyze evaluation data and draw conclusions for future trainings. Draft a report summarizing the process and the conclusions to be shared with internal committees and stakeholders. 

ASAM CONTINUUM Navigation lesson within a Self-Paced ASAM CONTINUUM Course

ASAM CONTINUUM Workflow lesson within a Self-Paced ASAM CONTINUUM Course

Identifying the unique client needs can be challenging at times. It depends on the communication practices, team size, implementation scope, and more.
When a client chooses to implement the ASAM CONTINUUM software into their workflow, they usually have unique requests that the CONTINUUM education team is sensitive to. 
Unique requests may include, but are not limited to: 
1. Requesting patient cases that reflect the patient population.
2. Requesting supplemental materials like unique handouts, recorded content, interactive learning modules. 
3. Updating the course agenda to include more on-demand or live content.

ASAM CO-Triage Course Handout

ASAM CONTINUUM Navigation Handout

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